Task 4

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My ‘show and tell’ video piece. The password is uel1912.

I stood with my friend beneath the monolithic One Canada Square and spoke about my surroundings.


This one was somewhat rushed – not in execution, but in planning. Ultimately, I left it too close to the deadline.

The footage is shaky but clear enough and the audio is fine, despite my surroundings. I think the topic was interesting enough, but again, too familiar and ‘close to home’. I stutter in places and over-dramaticise in others, hurting the flow of my dialogue. Also, in retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have worn the beanie. (Looks unprofessional.)

I think this video would be vastly improved in a few ways. Firstly, by shooting during the day; with the use of a gimble for moving shots; switching the shotgun mic for a lavalier mic to reduce background noise, and planning my dialogue thoroughly beforehand (down to a script, perhaps).

More facts, information, and statistics about Canary Wharf would also be of great benefit, and inquiring with a knowledgeable interviewee about their knowledge of the place would introduce an invaluable new perspective.