Task 3

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Five-shot image sequence for interviews and informational videos.

Medium shot
Close-up (face)
Extreme close-up (hands)
Over-the-shoulder shot
Creative angle

Pictured is 18-year-old Ethan, a Ravensbourne University student and my housemate. Together we run a small, independent succulent business called Crystal Garden, which ships young sempervivum plants to collectors in the UK.

Plant-care is a persistent exercise in delicacy and attention to detail. Ethan removes a plant from its labelled pot and sets it aside. He clears out the old dirt and fills the pot with fresh, well-draining soil. The plant is re-inserted, cleaned by hand, pruned for dehydrated leaves, and watered.

“I never really cared about plants and all that before,” Ethan remarks as I photograph him patting an S. grandiflorum into new soil. “I used to hate getting my hands dirty. But, you know, it’s almost like, relaxing.” I ask him why he thinks that is.

“I don’t know – it’s, like, taking care of something, isn’t it? When you left those three sempers in the garden the other day, and they just went so green. It feels kind of rewarding.” I thought so too.


Interviewing somebody I know was never going to be an ambitious project. I love the images I took, which are framed well and clearly benefit from the quality of the DSLR camera I used. However, I still think that a different subject matter – one I’m not familiar with – would have been a more rewarding alternative. Still, the images came out fine, and I have a solid understanding of the sequence and framing of the individual photos.