Lewis Hyden is a freelance writer, screenwriter, poet, and journalist living in London, United Kingdom. He is a student at the University of East London, where he is studying for a Bachelors’ Degree in Journalism. He likes to scratch the surface on a range of topics in a range of creative pursuits.

Lewis draws parallels between the typical concept of dystopia and the reality of modern-day societal convention. Of particular interest are the ongoing Hong Kong riots – an extreme representation of the clash between mass public dissent and inhumane government intervention. He believes that more subtle dissent can be observed in societies all over the world, with varying degrees of governmental influence. This is the root of his interest in politics and the global economy, and how they relate to modern perspectives on the future of urban development.

Lewis hopes to go on to write for a number of unaffiliated political publications and lend his hand in narrative design projects, especially in film and media. He also wants to pursue a variety of other writing projects, such as webnovels and pen-and-paper RPG games, as he makes an informed decision about which career path to take into the future.